“Eco Action for a Just Planet”
Together we can protect public lands, now and forever. Each day thousands of acres of wild places are lost to mining, drilling, logging and other development. But we don't have to give it all away. Together, we can save our wildest lands for future generations.

Since 2010, our mission and passion has been to protect our nation's shared wildlands so that all Sri Lankan can enjoy the benefits they provide. To do this, we collaborate closely with local communities to safeguard wild places for future generations.
We fight for legal protections for our wildest places and we champion and defend national policies that give protections for public lands, especially for our national forests, parks, refuges and Bureau of Land Management lands. We also ensure that the natural lands that belong to all Sri Lankan are taken care of and not given away or exploited for short-term gains by logging.

Amaz Eco Council